Entrepreneurship sharing by our Founder Mr. Keith

Ktrade Enterprise was formed in Jan 2013. Back then it serves as my part-time income by supplying computer & parts. I did not focus on it until I got out from employment.

www.proficientlab.com.my was launched in 2014 and it was a technical website listing down information on lab services that we provide and some trading products that we supply. It only serves as information base for our clients and for us more towards branding purposes.

After a month of aggressive marketing, we got our first lab design and build project. A small one but it opens up opportunity for us to collaborate with lab architect and lab furniture manufacturer. With the synergistic relationship, since then we are able to provide lab design service and customized lab furniture to the market.

May 2014 was an encouraging month where we got an order of RM 150,000 in a single PO. It helps my personal life too as I got to renovate and furnish my home which needed about 60K in cash.

UPM’s 10th Biotech Anniversary event gave us chance to have our first exhibition/ roadshow. In the event (Sept 2014), we sponsored about RM 10,000 worth of products and services. It was a great event where we get to connect with our clients: students and lecturers. It was then I felt that we need to give back to the society, triggered us to organize sponsoring programs. We gave out a few rounds of lab products & services for free to some researchers in need.

The passion to innovate did not stop, we launched Mobile App Store in Jan 2015. The aim was to provide speedy supply of consumables. It was a failure as our clients could not adapt to purchasing from phone/ gadget or most importantly mobile app. Despite the failure, we continue to grow, registering 8 categories in Ministry of Finance (KKM). It gave us access into more tenders and bigger projects.

Again we did not stop to innovate, in Oct 2015 we launched Proficient Lab E-Store. www.e-proficientlab.com was a revamp of our technical website making it e-commerce enabled. There were 0 sales for 3 consecutive months til the end of 2015. We received our first order online on Jan 2016, a sign that this can actually work.

Feb 2016 we launched vendor system in our e-store where traders or manufacturers can open a vendor account and sell in our website. It failed.. Instead of digging into the failure we moved into creating our first catalog (164 pages). It was useful and has all the info but it was bulky, in short it stays in client’s rack instead of serving its purpose.

We continue to grow both offline and online, trading more brands and providing more types of lab services. In Feb 2017, we have our first export deal and then to a few more Asean countries.

July 2017, Isolab Sdn Bhd trust in us and appointed us as their official e-commerce partner. They are renown manufacturer of pre-poured media plate, tube and bottle in Malaysia. Their products will soon be available in Proficient Lab E-Store. We are currently in discussion with more Malaysia manufacturers in biotech industry further directing e-partnering into success.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Recent Updates~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Proficient Lab E-Store receives

(7 days : 7 – 13 Sept 2017)

1,532 Page views
338 Sessions & 266 Visitors (from local and abroad)
5 Pages per Session
73% New Sessions (new visitor)

We have 4 collaborating laboratories to provide molecular, chemistry and lab testing services, 2 manufacturers (plastic and latex) and multiple brand holders/ traders from local and international to support our business activities.

We will strive to serve and grow together with Malaysia Biotechnology industry!

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Keith Ng, CEO, Proficient Lab

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