Applied Biosystems, ProFlex TM 96-well PCR System

RM 69,500.00


Applied Biosystems ProFlexTM 96-well PCR System (PN 4484075) features:
• Enhanced PCR functionality including easy and fast PCR Optimisation as well as Increased throughput with more experiments via the innovative VeriFlex™ Blocks (6 separate Peltier-controlled blocks).
• Precise control over PCR optimization with each individually settable temperature for each block
• Increase throughput via increased number of experiments with the ability to set six different annealing temperatures in the same run.
• Better than gradient approach to PCR optimization by using the on board Tm calculator in combination with the six separate temperatures in the same plate feature for determining optimal annealing temperature.
• Flexibility of interchangeable block to accommodate different throughput block (3x 32-well block, 96-well block, 2x 96-well block or 2x flat block)
• Remote interface capability through Mobile (smartphone) application connectivity via Wi-Fi
• Convenient transition from other PCR system with simulation modes which able to mimic PCR running condition of other PCR platform
• Large 8.4” color TFT LCD touch-screen which allow operation and graphically shows the PCR method being programmed or ran.

Applied Biosystems ProFlexTM comes complete with:
• 0.2 ml proprietary Alloy 96 well sample block, 6 individually controlled peltier blocks
• ProFlex™ Startup Kit
• Applied Biosystems ProFlex Thermal Cycler User Guide CD and hardcopy manual
• 1 unit of Invitrogen Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer (PN Q33216)
• 1 unit of Cole Parmer Microcentrifuge, 6 x 1.5 mL, (PN EW-79002-00)or equivalent
• 1 unit of UPS 1KVA back up
• 2 years warranty (for PCR) from date of installation and commissioning, against manufacturing defects.


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