AVLAB, Electric Bunsen Burner

RM 681.50


AV-EB, AVLAB, Electric Bunsen Burner with built-in energy regulator.

Very useful for heating test tubes, crucibles, small-flasks, beakers, etc. The heating element is spiralled Nichrome wire enclosed in refractory casing. Works on electricity.

  • This is very safe compared to the conventional bunsen burner
  • Can be carried to anywhere and connect to the power source
  • No fire hazards since it give no flame
  • No smoke, clean atmosphere
  • Works on electricity, no gas required
  • Produces radiant heat

Technical Specifications :

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Aluminium Steel Body
  • Max Temperature : 1000 degree celsius
  • Power Consumption : 350 watts
  • Operates on 120V Single Phase AC
  • Supplied with Built-in Energy Regulator.


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