Cusabio, Human Insulin,INS ELISA Kit

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CSB-E05069h, Human Insulin,INS ELISA Kit, 96T,5×96T,10×96T

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Human Insulin,INS ELISA Kit

Product Type : ELISA Kit
Code : CSB-E05069h
Size : 96T,5×96T,10×96T
Uniprot NO. : P01308
Protein Biological Process 2 : glyconeogenesis and glycometabolism
Abbreviation : INS
Protein Biological Process 1 : Metabolism
Alias : ILPR, IRDN, OTTHUMP00000011162|OTTHUMP00000196038|proinsulin
Species : Human
Protein Biological Process 3 : Carbohydrate metabolism
Sample Types : serum, plasma, cell culture supernates, tissue homogenates.
Detect Range : 10 μIU/ml-100 μIU/ml
Sensitivity : 2 μIU/ml
Assay Time : 1-5h
Sample Volume : 50-100ul
Detection Wavelengt : 450 nm
Availability : 3-5 working days
Research Area : Metabolism
Protocol :
Protocol may be improved. Please feel free to contact CUSABIO product specialist to obtain the latest version.
Target details : After removal of the precursor signal peptide, proinsulin is post-translationally cleaved into two chains (peptide A and peptide B) that are covalently linked via two disulfide bonds. Binding of this mature form of insulin to the insulin receptor (INSR) stimulates glucose uptake. A variety of mutant alleles with changes in the coding region have been identified. There is a read-through gene, INS-IGF2, which overlaps with this gene at the 5 region and with the IGF2 gene at the 3 region.
HGNC : 3818
RGD : 61807
MGI : 1347487
Linearity :  


Typical Data :  



Reference : 1. Increased blood cholesterol after a high saturated fat diet is prevented by aerobic exercise training,Ortega JF et al,Appl Physiol Nutr Metab,2013 Jan;38(1):42-8.


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