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Buying Amoxicillin Online

P22008, Favorit, Stirring Hotplate 7″ x 7″


  • Robust construction
  • Rugged cast-aluminium base chassis
    • provides a stable platform for the top plate
    • coated with chemically resistant epoxy paint
    • contoured to keep spills out of the internal components
  • Solid ceramic top plate
    • is chemically resistant
    • is easy to clean
    • white colour of plate makes viewing colour contrasts easy
  • Built-in support rod mount for retort rod

Technical Specifications

Plate Dimensions 7” x 7”
Max. plate surface temperature 520 ºC
Speed range unloaded 100 up to 1500 rpm
Electrical supply requirement 230V, 50Hz, 1007W
Overall dimension (W x L x H) 220 x 295 x 115 mm
Catalogue Number P22008


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