MMM, CLIMACELL Laboratory Incubator

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The CLIMACELL® series was specially developed for applications, in which as far as possible exact and reproducible simulation of various environmental conditions is important, e.g. stability testing of components, packaging materials, food or chemicals, drugs, germination studies, plant cell or tissue cultures, insect cultures. This devices offers an interesting alternative to expensive testing chambers and testing rooms. Microprocessor/controlled humidity assembly with powerful lighting system are warranty of excellent homogene parameters for tests and grow conditions.

MC001610, 111 L

MC001620, 222 L

• 6 adjustable programs
• chip card system for individual program storage
• RS 232 – interface for printer or PC-communication
• delayed heating start and stop function
• acoustic and visual alarm in error state
• time range 0–40 years with 1 min-intervals
• digital safety thermostat
• real time
• selectable rate of temperature increase or decrease – “RAMPS”
• programming of program time segments – “SEGMENTS”
• programme cycles
• adjustable ventilation rate 10 to 100%
• manual control of the air exhaust flap
• keyboard blocking
• door opening control

• access ports ∅ 25, 50, 100 mm
• automatic door lock
• left door versions (excluded volume 404 and 707 liters)
• timer programmable water protected inner socket
• exposure lighting with digitally adjuctable light 0–100%
• exposure illumination in shelves, especially for photo-stability tests (according to ICH Guidline)
• interior lighting – a wide offer of various luminary sources
• illumination measuring VIS, UV
• enlarge the cooling of -9.9°C
• BMS relay alarm contact
• special software WarmComm 4.0
• separate PT 100 sensor
• stainless steel casing of the device

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111L, 222L


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