Proficient Lab, Relocation Service for Biosafety Cabinet

RM 4,000.00


PL-BSC-R, Proficient Lab, Relocation Service for Biosafety Cabinet

i, Labor charges

ii, Labor Insurance

iii, Transportation

iv, Product warranty

Service include :

Fumigation and defumigation. Testing and recertification as per Australian Standards AS-NZ of Laminar Air Flow Cabinet. Issuing a certificate compliance with NATA certification

Test and certification methods for Class 1 & ll. Biological Safety Cabinet, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets and Fume Hoods.


Test Method


Description Of Test


Equipment Used


AS 1807 1


Air flow velocity & uniformity average (Min 0.46m/s)


Anemometer (vane type)


AS 1807 1


Variation average to max and min (± 20%)


– as above –


AS 1807 5


Induced air particle leakage – Dioctylphthalate (DOP)

particle (0.3um) intrusion level <0.01% penetration)  (Work

Integrity including Filter and Plenum)


DOP generator

With Photometer (particle)


AS 1807 6


a) Final filter barrier integrity ( <0.1% penetration) – Terminal


– as above –

b) Hepa filter barrier containment (< 0.01% penetration) – as above

AS 1807 15


Work Area Light intensity (not < 1100 lux)


Lux meter


AS 1807.20


Sound Level {Operation position < 65dB (A) }


Sound level meter


AS 1807.23


Ultraviolet radiation, work level ( not <400mW/m2)


Ultraviolet meter

Appendix E
AS 1807.21 Inward velocity – Class I and II cabinets Airflow Meter


AS 1807.22 Barrier Integrity (Smoke Pattern Test) Smoke Generator
AS 2243.8

Appendix E


Face velocity  – Fume Hood Air Flow Meter
AS 2243.8

Appendix G

Smoke Test – Fume Hood Smoke Generator


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