Qiagen, DNeasy Plant Mini Kit (50 or 250 rxn)

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DNeasy Plant Mini Kit (50 or 250 rxn)
50 or 250 DNeasy Mini Spin Columns, 50 or 250 QIAshredder Mini Spin Columns, RNase A, Buffers, Collection Tubes (2 ml)
For isolation of up to 30 µg total cellular DNA from plant cells and tissues, or fungi
  • Pure DNA, free from contaminants and enzyme inhibitors
  • Rapid isolation of ready-to-use DNA
  • No organic extraction, no ethanol precipitation

The DNeasy Plant Mini Kit provides fast and easy silica-based DNA purification in convenient spin column format. Typical yields are 3–30 μg of high-quality DNA, depending on the samples used. Purification of DNA using the DNeasy Plant Mini Kit

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