Qiagen, RT2 First Strand Kit (50)

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For fifty 20 µl first strand cDNA synthesis reactions; Buffer GE (100 µl), 5x Buffer BC3 (200 µl), RE3 Reverse Transcriptase Mix (100 µl), Control P2 (50 µl), Nuclease-Free Water (1 ml)

For cDNA synthesis and genomic DNA elimination in RNA samples for use with RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays and RT2 lncRNA PCR Arrays

  • Rapid and efficient first-strand cDNA synthesis
  • Complete elimination of genomic DNA
  • Results with as little as 25 ng total RNA per reaction
  • cDNA immediately ready for real-time PCR
  • External RNA control to monitor enzyme inhibitors
The RT2 First Strand Kit provides a rapid and convenient procedure for efficient first-strand cDNA synthesis and genomic DNA elimination in RNA samples. The synthesized cDNA is ready to use in real-time PCR expression analysis of multiple genes.


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