China, Pool Chlorine 90% Tablets TCCA 6kg (200g/Tablet)

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CC10076, China, Pool Chlorine 90% Tablets TCCA 6kg (200g/Tablet)

TCCA is available with 90% chlorine concentration. Due to the high chlorine content, it is easy to handle for large pools. It reduces chlorine loss during the day time. Trichloroisocyanuric acid is stable and does not strip like many other halogen compounds. It reduces algae growth. TCCA dissolves slowly in water, allowing for continuous, measured dosing of chlorine, especially when in tablet form.

  • Fast dissolving pellets with built-in stabilizer.
  • Results in a more rapid sanitizing effect.

Dosing Method

Place tablets in a skimmer, chlorine feeder or floating dispenser. NEVER place the tablets directly into the pool.

Chemistry of TCCA:

After hydrolysis in water, TCCA will be converted to hypochlorous acid (hocl), which has strong microbial activity. The hydrolysis by-product, cyanuric acid, acts as a stabilizer and prevents conversion of hypochlorous acid into hypochlorite ion (ocl-) owing to sunshine and heat, which has low microbial activity.

Advantage of TCCA:

Cost effective and stable source of chlorine easy to handle, ship, store and apply. Save expensive cost of dosing equipment. No white turbidity can be seen (as in case of bleaching powder),long duration of sterilizing effect.


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