EMPCO, Algal Growth Media

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Algal growth media are nutrient-enriched liquid solutions that support the growth of algae. Periodic dilution of actively growing algal cultures with new growth medium can sustain the culture indefinitely. The seawater base is collected from Half Moon Bay (California), further enriched with nutrients, and filter and radiation sterilized to ensure quality. Growth media are packaged in quantities of 500 mL (16.9 fl oz) in Nalgene™ PET sterile square bottles.
Growth media extend the lifespan or increase the volume of an existing algal culture.

L1 medium is recommended for the culture of bioluminescent algae. L1 is an updated formulation of Guillard’s f/2 medium. The BMC cultures all bioluminescent algae on L1 medium.

Empco L1 Medium Technical Specifications:
The L1-Si (L1 minus Silica) enriched seawater medium is an updated formulation based on the f/2 medium (Guillard and Ryther 1962). L1-Si contains additional trace metals compared to f/2, and omits silica to reduce precipitation. It is a general purpose liquid marine medium for growth of coastal algae. Empco’s L1 medium is prepared at 2X nutrient concentration of the original formulation, and should be used undiluted for growth of Pyrocystis species. This medium may be used to replenish nutrients in actively growing cultures of bioluminescent algae. To use, combine 1 part algal culture with 5 parts growth medium, or as desired. Detailed instructions are included with purchase.


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